Acid/Alkaline Balance:
Food Choices Based on pH
by Bruce W. Chenoweth, S.I.P.E.

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   Critically important for bringing yourself back to perfect health is the proper ratio of acidity to alkalinity (pH) that your body should maintain, and what to do to balance it. pH balance comes from the foods we eat, the stress we are under and the thoughts we think. For this article only foods are addressed.

Our bodies must maintain the same balance as the Earth, which is 20% acid and 80% alkaline. Although there is a small range of variance that we can tolerate, to deviate very far from the optimum balance inevitably results in weakness, disease and premature death.

The pH effect of foods is caused by the ash residue they leave in your body after your digestive system “burns” them. It is different from the aromatic acidity of fruits, which is expelled out through the lungs. Acid ash foods are dairy products (except butter), meats, poultry, fish, eggs, and un-sprouted seeds, nuts and grains (except millet and buckwheat). (Wheat is a grain, so this includes all breads, pastries and pastas that include wheat – whole wheat or not.)

It is obvious that the bulk of a healthy diet must consist of fruits and vegetables, not including seeds, grains or nuts. But not all foods are equal in their alkalinizing effect. For example, ¾ cup of green peas only have an alkalinizing effect of 5, where the same amount of beet greens have an effect of 360 – seventy-two times the effectiveness! On the acid side, ½ cup of shrimp is only -4, but ½ cup of scallops is -452, extremely acidifying!

How does this stack up against the way you eat? Most Americans have it totally reversed – about 80% to 90% acid foods, 10% to 20% alkaline foods. They experience slow starts in the mornings, feel tired all through the day, “catch” the flu, get colds, have allergies, etc. ad infinitum. Even though they are on the road to an early demise they don’t even notice it because everyone they know seems to be just the same as them. Television even announces “flu and cold season” as though it was a naturally occurring and unavoidable phenomenon. But people with proper alkaline reserves and nutritional balance are unaffected by those things.

Now that you better understand what is going on in your body, and why things aren’t working perfectly, what will you do about it? To begin on the road to perfect health, here is what you must do:

  1.  Pay attention to which foods are acid and which are alkaline. Be certain to eat mostly the foods with a high alkalinizing effect. A printable PDF chart at  that lists common foods in the order of their alkalinizing effect is available HERE.

  2. Learn how to prepare the alkalinizing foods such that they are delicious and therefore appealing. My favorite ingredients for adding flavors to vegetables are olive oil, Braggs® Amino Acids or tamari, Golden Valley Apple-Cider Vinegar,  nutritional yeast and RealSalt™.

  3. Some recipes for alkalinizing foods can be downloaded HERE.

  4. Remember that old habits are difficult to break, so remove temptation. Get those acid foods out of your environment and stock up on alkalinizing foods, including quick-snack things that are alkaline, like celery, carrots, dates, figs, raisins, apples, berries, etc.

 A popular misstatement is “Ignorance is Bliss”. Quite the opposite! Ignorance of balanced eating can become weakness, debilitation, embarrassment, pain, disease and premature death. Choose instead to take intelligent charge of your health by making balancing food choices. The improvements in how you feel will make it wonderfully worthwhile.

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